We Have Partnered with SEO Marketing Experts
To Get your E-commerce Business the Attention It Deserves

Shockwave Marketing is a reputable Canadian based online marketing company with over 10 years experience. They have helped many clients getting more visitors to their website. We, Big Dropship, are one of their satisfied clients, so we have negotiated with Shockwave Marketing to give you a special deal today.

1. Why Getting No 1 Ranking Using SEO only is almost impossible

SEO is getting to be the game of who has the deeper pockets. Getting to the top of page one has become who’s willing to shell out more cash and not about techniques and skills. If you go up against high authority sites with huge cash to back them up, good luck outranking them..

2. Outsourcing SEO service to Foreign Companies
Can Damage Your Business Permanently

You may have experienced the Google Algorithm change like Google Panda that penalized many websites, because these foreign companies were using outdated or over manipulative tricks tying to increase search engine rankings.

3. Pay Per Click Advertising is getting extremely expensive

Google Advertising used to be a great way to get instant traffic at low cost. Things have completely changed! To get your advertising links visible you need to pay $5 or even $12 per click. Even for less general keywords you are paying $27 per click!

Pay per click can be as expensive as newspaper advertising.
Are you willing to spend $2000 per month on keyword advertising that may or may NOT turn these clicks into sales? Do you want to stop worrying about expensive paid search traffic? Then read on….

4.Getting Visitors To a New Website Is Really Hard Work

Today getting top rankings in the search engines have become battlefields. You have to spend lots of time and efforts on submitting links to many different websites. And you need to keep up to date with the latest search engine marketing techniques. As a busy business owner, do you have the time or resources?

5. Competition Is Getting Stronger, Dropping Your Rankings To the Bottom Quickly

Is your website ranking suddenly dropping to the bottom and your sales revenue is almost back to zero? With more and more companies implementing SEO techniques to boost their rankings, keeping your top rankings is getting much harder.

6. Here is a Better Solution for you……
Traffic Generation using Massive Inbound Marketing

In today’s digital marketing world getting customer buying your product or service is impossible without great content. This unique system will generate massive quality pages all focused on low competitive specific keyword phrases that your customers are searching for. These are called buyer’s keywords.

7. What makes This Massive Traffic Generation System so Successful?

  1. You get 1000s unique pages all visible in Google and each targeting on a specific key phrase
  2. You save money spent on Pay Per Click advertising such as Facebooks ads and Google Ads
  3. You get real visitors to your website with higher conversion rate, because they are targeted
  4. You get a trusted Canadian partner will give you guaranteed results
  5. You get higher ROI than money spent on Paid Per Click Advertising

Now Only $980/Month

Limited Time Offer and Only for the First 20 People Who Signed Up

But Wait, Here is Special Bonus Offer for the First 20 Clients

Shockwave Marketing will setup a marketing technique to
Chase After Your Visitors That Left Your Website.

It’s a fact that once visitor has left your website you basically lost a potential sale, but you have a second chance to bring them back. Did you know that a returning visitor has a higher conversion rate of up to 90%?

We will bring the visitors who abandoned your website back with increased chance turning them into buyers. Don’t leave money on the table by letting your prospects go away.

How does this track and chase conversion system work?

A special tracking code will be used to follow your visitor all over the Internet, some might be even on your competitors website. This is a complex and time consuming technique that we can setup for you. This extra service will cost $500 per month to manage, but it’s FREE if you sign up now!

Together It can DOUBLE or even TRIPLE your sales
from the new leads you are getting from our MASSIVE TRAFFIC GENERATION SYSTEM

Still NOT Convinced?

Here is small investment for you to try it out.
For Only $95

Instead of the entire North America, Shockwave Marketing will create multiple webpages
targeting all the cities of ONE state in USA right on your own site.
Try it today and you will see results

Don’t Miss Out!!

Contact us now before all the 20 spots are gone
and the price will be back to $1300!

You might not see this great offer again.

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