As a wholesale business owner, you have a responsibility to save money and that includes finding the best ways to market your business. It’s no secret that the Internet has altered the way people seek out and find the businesses that they need. Once upon a time they relied on the notorious Yellow Pages, thumbed through until they found a list of all the different businesses (listed alphabetically, of course) that has what they needed and began making calls.

Today, online directories aren’t structured the same way. Today it’s all about exposure and getting to the top of the list. Right now, listing on our directory locally is not only free for the first 10 businesses that sign up, the quicker you sign up, the higher you will be listed on it. You may have some doubts about listing with just any directory, and we understand that, but let’s put this as simply as possible.

The Internet is About Exposure

When you started your business, you knew that it would take some investment on your part to get the word out about your products or services. If you didn’t, then you are likely sitting there with no orders and barely a visit (except maybe for a few family and friends). Getting your website or your business in front of the people who would be customers is the most important ingredient to success.

The Internet is driven by exposure. Just look at the search engine giants. Search engines account for more than 90% of all web traffic and if you aren’t on one of the first two pages of search results for a given keyword, then you might as well be invisible. That’s why directories are so important. Not only can directories help your website or brick and mortar based business increase exposure, but you also end up building links back to your website, which is vital in improving your search engine ranking.

Search Engine Optimization is the Key

Customers are looking locally for wholesale businesses, or relatively locally. They understand that supporting businesses that are within their own city or town will not only save them money on shipping, it also helps boost the local economy. Directories are designed to focus on local networks first, then spread out. Search engines are beginning to get the hang of things, but ultimately, you will still be competing with businesses from around the world.

Many directories charge you to list your business and while that is a worthy investment in many cases, why wait? With our directory, you can be listed for free! There’s no catch. You’re not going to wind up with a bill in the mail ten months from now. But this deal is only available to the 10 best wholesale suppliers in each category.

Yes, we do offer a premium service that offers a host of other benefits if you care to invest further, but when you list with us, you get the added benefit of being seen by your local customer base as well as a boost in your link building platform, which ultimately results in higher search engine rankings. In the age of the Internet, that should be your primary goal.

But Wait, We Can Bring Qualified Resellers To You

By listing your wholesale company here, more resellers can find you. We have over 500 qualified resellers signed up for our drop shipping service. They are all waiting to resell your products.
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