Do you need more sales people? Have a lot of products, but not getting enough orders? Drop shipping is an ideal business model in which resellers can list, promote, and sell your products online. The beauty of drop shipping is that you don’t need to pay for the sales people. With drop shipping you can reduce your inventory faster than ever.

There are thousands of resellers who are waiting to sell your products.

How drop shipping boost your wholesale business

  • Increase sales with more FREE sales people
    Imagine having 100 resellers selling your products, completely free, no need to pay them commission. You select and approve the right reseller, who can start advertising your products immediately. They will list your products at their own website and use all kinds of marketing strategies to sell your products. Once they receive a retail sale, they will pay you for the drop ship product. You then ship them directly to your resellers' customers.

  • Dominate your market with less advertising expenses
    Your resellers will be advertising your products through different online shopping channels such as PriceGrabber, NextTag, BizRate and more. They will even use Twitter, Facebook, Pay Per Click and Search engine optimization to get more customers buying your product. Dominate your niche market by having these resellers listing your product everywhere in the Internet.

  • Build a strong branding with more resellers selling your products
    If you have a brand, drop shipping helps you build brand awareness.
    Every reseller that lists and sells your products helps promote your brand. The stronger your brand, the more royal customers you will get.

  • Get more royal customers
    With drop shipping you get more repetitive sales. Your resellers are your royal customers, because it's their business to buy (and sell) your products. Unlike retail business where the percentage of repeat customers is very low for most industries, drop shipping will give you more royal customers.

How BigDropShip Helps You

BigDropship has over 500 verified and pre-approved resellers with their own online store. Using Big DropShip, you will have access to these resellers waiting to sell your products immediately. Big Dropship makes your products available to resellers for drop shipping. Get more resellers by listing your company here.

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