One of the biggest problems dropshippers have, is listing items for sale on their website, which quickly go out of stock at their chosen suppliers. Of course, to avoid this, you can continually check the dropship suppliers inventory levels, or have a back up supplier on hand in case you have an order the main supplier of their drop ship products can't fulfill.

Auto Notification About Inventory Availability from the Supplier

But to save all this hassle, there's software that works with dropship suppliers to let their customers know when they are out of stock, and it can even mark the item as unavailable on your website. These tools can also upload and update product information, prices and images from your the supplier, saving you even more time which you can spend on promoting their business.

Automatically Send Drop Ship Orders to Your Supplier

When a sale has been made, dropshippers have to send the customers information to their supplier, who will pack and ship the drop ship product, and then send the tracking details and shipping confirmation back to them. But there are tools that can automate this part of the process as well. The details that the customer enters on your website, are automatically sent to your dropship supplier, who ships the drop ship products and sends you the confirmation details, all without you having to do anything.

Use Automated Email Marketing Software to build your Customer List

Even your after sales marketing could be automated if you use e-mail marketing tools like AWeber to send your customers regular updates on new and discounted products. This is an amazing email marketing tool that can boost your sales up to 20%. Click here to find out more about Aweber

Automation Isn't an Excuse to Be Lazy

While all this automation is great for making your business more efficient, and freeing you up to grow your enterprise instead of being bogged down with various admin tasks, there are some things that benefit from the human touch.

Dealing with a customer personally, to let them know about a potentially late delivery for example, will always have a more successful outcome than an automated notification from your software or dropship supplier.

Of course, there are aspects of your customer service that you can automate, but don't underestimate the long term benefit to your business of maintaining personal contact with your customers, at least some of the time.

Grow Your Drop Ship Online Business with Automated Tools

With the right automation tools, and using them for the right reason, your dropship business could become an efficient and profitable enterprise, that all but runs itself. But automating a business might not suit everybody. The investment in time and technology may not be worth it for smaller dropshippers, but there are still scaled down solutions that can be useful.

As your business grows, you need to be looking at how you can make your processes more efficient, and automation is a great way of achieving this. It's unlikely that you will want to automate every aspect of your dropship enterprise, but the more you can set up your regular tasks so they get done automatically, the more you can focus on promoting and growing your business.

Part 7: Automate Drop Ship Business
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