Most successful dropshippers have their own website for their dropship products. But even if you only have a site with a couple of pages, or are using services like eCrater and Shopify to host your ecommerce site, the one thing that can make or break your dropshipping business, is where you rank with the search engines.

More and more people are shopping online, to try and find the things they want at the best price, and the majority of them start their search with search engines. So where you turn up in your potential customers search results, will have a big say in whether they will find your site, and your dropship products, at all.

Optimizing your dropshipping website for the likes of Google, or Search Engine Optimization (SEO) as it's known, is a complicated skill in itself. So here are some basic tips to help drop shippers get better rankings, without it becoming too much of a distraction.

Choose the Right Keywords

The first thing you need to consider, are the kind of words and phrases your potential customers might enter into a Google search, to find the dropship products you're selling. These are known as keywords, and dropshippers who can strike a healthy balance between keywords that are popular but not too competitive, should be able to rank quite high for those terms.

For example, there could be millions of other sites who are trying to rank for the search term "cheap ipods", but there'll be fewer focusing on "best price for black apple 8gb ipod". The second keyphrase will get fewer searches, but you will have less competition, and a better chance of your dropshipping site getting a good ranking.

Long Tail Keywords

The best approach is to get a selection of these longer (called long-tail) keywords. That way, dropshippers, can use them throughout their website and will benefit from the cumulative effect of their traffic. The search engines also like to see lots of different, but related, keywords, so they know a site has plenty of information about that particular topic, and will reward it with a higher ranking.

Once you have your keywords, it's simply a case of using them regularly (but not to much) throughout your dropshipping website, and making them stand out: as headings, in the alternate text of your images, and in your site navigation for example.

Include Good Content on Your Site

The search engines love good content on websites, so you want to give them more than just a list of all your dropship products. Google, and your customers, really like multimedia content. You could include any of the marketing videos you've made on your site. These attract the attention of the search engines, as well as providing the kind of information shoppers want to see. If you haven't got your own, embedding videos from YouTube is just as effective, and means you can add some really nice content to your dropshipping website.

Dropshippers who add useful product and market information, videos, plenty of images, and even things like "how to" or buying guides, that customers can download, will get higher rankings on the search engines, which will mean more visitors, and more of those visitors will be converted into customers.

Get Links from Other Sites

Finally, you need to get other websites linking to yours. These are called backlinks, and Google and the other search engines see them as a sign of these other websites' recognition for your dropshipping site. The more links dropshippers can get from other sites to theirs, and the more important those other sites are, the higher the search engines will rank their site. This is why marketing your dropship products on other sites, with articles and reviews, posts in forums, and videos you've uploaded to YouTube, is so important. They all count as links back to your dropshipping site and help with your ranking. It's worth pointing out that dropshippers who simply go out and get hundreds of poor quality links, in a bid to fool Google, are unlikely to have much success - it's quality that counts. If you have quality drop ship products on your site, with good content that is going to attract high quality backlinks, the search engines will love you, and the customers that find your website will love you as well.

Search Engine Optimization really needs more than a couple of paragraphs to explain properly, but if you follow this simple advice, you should see a definite improvement in where the website for your dropship products appears in the search results. For dropshippers who get it right, this should mean more customers, and more profits.

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