The Internet is rampant with articles and tips pertaining to great marketing tools that you can use to promote your online business. However, as a drop shipper, there are also some marketing tools that aren't that great and some that might even be detrimental to your sales. The following is a list of the 5 worst marketing tools for your business and why you should stay away from them.

1. Appealing to the Wrong Audience.

If you are appealing to the wrong audience then it doesn't matter if you write excellent tips, provide good information, and have eye-catching ads. If you are selling baby products, for example, then guest blogging on a blog that is geared towards middle aged women is probably not going to be very helpful in generating a sale.

2. Your Friends' List on Your Social Media Site.

If you are running a business and you want to advertise on your Facebook page then advertising on your friends' list is not going to be very helpful. Eventually you are going to exhaust your friends and not only are they going to become frustrated, but you will have also limited your selling potential.

Instead, create a page that is solely designed for your business and invite your friends to become "fans" of it. This isn't to say that you can't talk about your business on your regular "friends" list, but sending out advertisements, constant updates, and other forms of media pertaining to your business is energy that could be spent more effectively elsewhere.

3. Blind Emails

E-mail subscriptions can be a great way of advertising. However, you need to ensure that the people that you are e-mailing actually want to receive them. When you send out "blind" e-mails about your business, more than likely they are either going directly to the spam box or are being deleted before they are even open. Instead, offer your customers the chance to sign up for your e-mail newsletter or subscription service.

4. Freebies.

Promotions are good now and then. However, giving something away for nothing can sometimes backfire. You might end up out of a lot of money. Instead, focus on giving your customers incentives to making purchases. If they purchase a digital camera, for instance, then offer to throw in a free camera bag. Don't just tell customers that if they visit the website in the next 3 days you will give them a camera bag

5. Localized Advertisements.

If you live in a small town with 10,000 people and you are selling laptops in your online drop shipping business, then paying $500 per month to rent a billboard space is not the best use of your money. Why?

Because after a month you will probably not only have reached everyone in town, but you are really limiting your potential customers. While this might work well for a brick and mortar store, it doesn't work for an online business. Spend your money more wisely and use it to advertise online, where your customers can be located anywhere.

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