Are you struggling to sell your products? Are you tied up with thousands of items in your warehouse or don’t have cash anymore to advertise? You probably have heard some small online stores making millions per year. More and more people are selling online. Regardless of what type of product you sell, if your products are not listed in the internet shopping channels, you are losing money.

What you need are good resellers who can promote your products. To be successful in selling product online, you need to have good online marketers.

Why Selling on the Internet Is So Difficult for Wholesale Suppliers?

If you are like most wholesale suppliers, by now launched a website trying sell your products online. Yes, I mean trying, because most online stores are not making money at all. Unless you are an expert marketer, with a large advertising budget, and a professional IT staff, you have noticed that launching a website alone will not get you any sales.

Simply building a website is not enough. In order to sell products on your website, you also need to:
  • Attract hundreds if not thousands of daily visitors
  • Update website with seasonal products and promotions
  • Respond to their e-mails and phone calls quickly
  • Process the daily credit card payments
  • Handle customer complaints and returns
  • And a take care of a hundred other things
If obvious that selling online takes lot of time and, more importantly for your business during this tough economy, lots and lots of money. How can you get free sales people and online marketers work for you?

Selling online is hard work, but how can drop shipping make it easier?

With thousands or even millions of new websites launched per day. The sad truth is that many website owners trying to sell their products haven't even made a single sale on the Internet. Why?

Because you need to spend thousands of dollars on these advertising methods to get tons of buyers:
  • Search engine optimization to get top ranking in Google
  • Paid listing in search engines / Pay Per Click (PPC)
  • Advertise in compare shopping site (Bizrate, etc)
  • Update Social Media Sites such as Facebook and Twitter
So the question remains, how can you use the Internet to sell your products without the advertising expenses and dealing with difficult retail customers? How can you find good resellers and help them sell more for you? The answer is drop shipping.

With drop shipping you can get resellers working hard for you

Drop shipping is a model where the product supplier and the resellers working together to reduce the cost and maximize the sales of both sides. The resellers list, promote, and sell your products on their websites, or catalogs without having to buy your products in advance. They save the money on inventory, so they can advertise more for your products.

When a reseller receives orders for your products, they pay you (supplier) and you ship the products directly to their customers. Resellers advertise for your products and deal with the customer service, so you (supplier) save lots money on advertising.

Drop Shipping is the perfect match between the wholesale supplier and online resellers.

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