Find Relialbe Drop Ship Suppliers for Toys

drop ship toys
For resellers around the country, and even around the world, the profit margin line is razor thin. You have to make deals and do your homework in which companies you’re going to work with in order to get the most out of every sale and transaction. While the wholesalers will sit back and simply fill orders, there are a number of risks associated with using wholesalers rather than drop shipping for toys.

While toys are big business, no time of the year is bigger than the Holiday Season in December, which, by the way, will be coming around the corner very quickly. For any resellers out there who are debating on whether to use drop shipping for toys or going the wholesale route, let’s lay out some of the risks involved.

Wholesalers Could Be Disguised

Thanks to the relative anonymity of the Internet, a person could be disguised as a wholesaler but might actually be a middle man, the person who would communicate with you and then an actual wholesaler. What you’re trying to do is buy merchandise to have in stock at your place of business, whether it will be your home or a store.

Now, if you end up working with a middle man, whether you realize that or not, you are not going to be getting the best deal and your profit margin will diminish while the middle man (the one who won’t be spending time and money marketing products for sale) will be getting the most of the arrangement.

Another risk involved with using wholesalers is that you have to have working capital up front. It is your responsibility as the reseller to have the products on hand, which means that if you don’t have the capital to buy products, and then you’re not going to have anything to sell to your consumer public.

Why Drop Shipping Toys Works

When you drop ship, you don’t keep any inventory on hand. That’s the responsibility of the wholesaler. You are promoting the products for sale, marketing them, and bringing customers in and then when an order is placed, it goes to the wholesaler who then packages and ships the item to the customer on your behalf. The great advantage of drop shipping toys is that you will earn the highest possible commission per item, as you should, and also you won’t need nearly as much capital up front to start your business.

One thing to keep in mind is that while sometimes wholesalers run out of inventory, if that happens, and it takes a while to replenish the stock, your customers are going to be upset with you, not the wholesaler. While most reputable wholesalers will keep their resellers updated on inventory, it’s important to check for yourself before listing a product as available.

When it comes to starting a small reseller business, drop shipping toys or any other products for that matter is really the best and most economical way to go.

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