Every business that carries large amounts of inventory will have cash flow problems eventually. When the competition is getting stronger or economy suddenly falls down, wholesale suppliers get in trouble due to lack of cash flow.

Are you
  • Manufacturer
  • Wholesalers
  • or have large warehouse with inventory?
Then you know the risk of cash flow!
How can you avoid this? How can you increase cash flow or sell more without excessively spending on advertisement?

How to Get More Distributors Selling For You?

Are you looking for retailers who can sell your product? There are hundreds of retailers across the country waiting to market and sell your products for you.
It’s called drop shipping. With drop shipping, resellers and wholesalers are helping each other by reducing the business risks.

All you need to do is to ship the product directly to your resellers' customers, after you got paid. With drop shipping, your resellers don’t need to buy the product upfront. They wait until they have sold your product and you, as the wholesale supplier, will ship the product to the reseller’s customer.

By not having to buy your product upfront, your resellers will have more cash to advertise your product. Your reseller can spend more time and money selling your products. And you, as the drop ship supplier can sit and watch the sales flowing into your account.

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