Why Are You Still Working for Ebay or Amazon?

As the number of sellers has grown over the years, the increased competition has squeezed profit margins and the Ebay fees are getting higher, meaning it's no longer the profitable opportunity it once was. Even Amazon is charging you 20% commission for every single sale. Eventually you are not making any profit and only giving away your hard earned money to the big guys.

Three Simple Steps To Create Your Own Profitable Online Store

These days, one of the best ways to build a genuine dropship business, is to have your own website. Despite what some might think, with the more and more businesses offering web hosting and ecommerce solutions, as well as software designed to help you create and manage your site, creating your first dropship website isn't that difficult any more.

Step 1: How to Choose a Good Domain Name?

When choosing the domain name for your dropship website, you've have two choices:
  1. You can choose your business or brand name
    This will be recognized by your customers in the long term, but it takes time.

  2. Go with a name that is relevant to the drop ship products you are selling
    This will get your website better ranking the major search engines faster and with less advetising money.
Combining the two will be the best of both worlds, example: JessopsKitchenAccessories

Step 2: Creating Your Own Website Is Easier Now

If setting up and marketing your own ecommerce website still sounds too complicated, there are other solutions that make it even easier. For a small monthly fee, 24 home shop gives you everything you need to set up your own fully-functioning dropship website. Within 24 hours you can setup your online store without technical knowledge and no need to pay thousands of dollars to a graphic designer.

With more and more people shopping online these days, having your own ecommerce website is a key part of building a successful dropshipping business.
Create Your Online Store In 1 Day Here (without technical knowledge)!

Step 3: Listing & Taking Payment For Your Drop Ship Products

Once you have a domain and a dropshipping website you can display your drop ship products, and take payments from customers.

Many web hosting companies will actually provide easy to use ecommerce and shopping cart software, that will help you set up your online dropshipping store, as well as provide you with a means of accepting payment from your customers.

You can start accepting payments using PayPal, until your dropship business is making money and you can get a merchant account to process your own credit card payments. Having your own merchant account shows that you are serious and reliable company to your customers. This will give your customer more trust to buy from you.

Part 1: Lauch Your First Online Store
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