1. How do I place a drop ship order?

On our website, you login to your account with you username & password and then you enter your order & pay by credit card or by Paypal. We have an automated order system with confirmation number notifications. Click Here To Understand How Our Drop Shipping Process Works...

2. How do you process and store our customer information, is it secure, do you guarantee not to release or sell or use for personal gain?

Your customer information is kept strictly confidential. We do not sell or use your customer info for personal gain. Our main business is drop shipping, not retail business.

3. How will you notify us of shipment?

After an order is shipped out, you will receive an automated with the tracking number from our system.( If you haven't received the automated email, due to your spam filter, you can also log into your account to see the tracking number for a particular order). Please make sure the white list our email address.

4. You ship to Canada and US. Other countries? PO Boxes? APO/FPO, Hawaii, Alaska, VI etc..? Where don't you ship?

Yes, we ship to Canada, US and PO Boxes; APO, FPO, as well as Hawaii & Alaska. Some products are only shipped within North America, due to exclusive distribution rights or high international shipping costs.

5. How will you bill us?

When you place the order online, you will pay by either credit card or by Pay pal. Your credit information will never be stored in our system, since we use a trusted third part credit card processing company. We will only ship out the orders after payment has been made.

6. Is there an account setup fee?

No, unlike other drop shipping company, we do NOT charge a setup fee.

7. How do you notify us of delays or out of stocks?

We will send an automated email to you when inventory is low.

8. How do you handle returns? Will you include our policy, what is your policy, where do you instruct customer to return product, if it comes to us how to we return?

We have a 30 day money back (less shipping) return policy; this also applies for replacements as well. Our return policy is more flexible than other drop shipping companies. We understand that you need more time deal with your own retail customers. We forward the return instructions to you & you in turn will forward the return instructions to your customer.

9. Are you accountable for problems, how do we report and handle: shipping issues, miss-ships, tracking issues, damages, defective products, refusal of delivery, etc…?

We use Google maps to confirm your customers shipping address; we provide tracking numbers after orders are shipped out; for items that become damaged in transit (to the customer), we will send a replacement to your customer. If your customer damages a product, then it will depend on your own return policy for resolution.

10. Do you send automated order confirmation to us: 1) Receipt of our order 2) confirmation of shipment.

Yes, after you place an order online, you will automatically receive a confirmation with a 4 digit order number & we will also an automatic confirmation on our end. When an order's status is 'Complete', that means the order has been shipped out & there will also be a tracking or confirmation number on the order.

11. Can you print and include our customized packing slip (which will be attached to PO email).

We do blind drop shipping. Your company name (NOT our name) will be printed in the labels. The return address is our P.O. Box. In case the product is undeliverable, it will be returned back to use. This will save you a lot of hassle with the product returns.

12. Do you have minimum quantity restrictions?

No, we do not have minimum quantity restrictions for drop shipping. You can start with drop shipping immediately, once you have placed our products on your website.

13. What information do you need to know to fulfill an order?

When you enter the order online, you will provide your customers shipping name, address, product selection & quantity, & after you enter payment, the order will be processed.

14. Are you willing to enter tracking numbers and ship confirmation information in our vendor portal (PCS feature we can setup later)

When you log into your account, you will see a tracking number if the order has been shipped out.

15. Will you email invoice for payment with each ship confirmation order.

Yes, you will make payment by either credit card or Paypal after you enter your order & you will receive an automated confirmation (invoice) by email.

16. Are you "true" wholesale drop-shipper (are we actually getting wholesale price or do you sell for less else ware).

Yes, you will be getting a true drop ship price (much lower than retail price). If you are making a bulk purchase for yourself to keep as inventory, there will be a price break depending on the quantity you order.

17. Do you allow your products to be sold online? If not what are the restrictions?

Our products cannot be sold on eBay or any other auctions sites. We prefer that you sell our products on your own website. You must have your own domain name. Amazon is accepted.

18. Do you put any of your own promotional materials in our customer's order?

No, we will not send promotional material to your customers. This is against our business model. We are a blind drop shipping company. Our main customers are not retail customers, but resellers like you.

19. Can you put our companies name on the shipping label? If not what company name?

Yes, the shipping label will show your company name but the address will show our address (in case the parcel becomes lost or is undeliverable).

20. Are you a blind drop shipper: Will you ship in a plain box without any of your company logos or information on the box?

Yes, we are blind drop shipper because the shipping label will not show our company name on it (it will only show our address in case the parcel is undeliverable, it will come back to us). This will save you a lot time with the product return.

21. How do you process order/item cancellations (by default our system emails cancellation notices automatically to purchasing email). Can you handle, how much advance time do you need?

For cancellations, we need to know the day before the parcel is shipped out, i.e. we need to know by Monday if the parcel will be shipped out on Tuesday.

22. What is your miss-ship rate?

Our shipping tools (from USPS) automatically verify the shipping address. If our shipping tool does not confirm the address, we will do a second address verification at Google Maps. We confirm your customers shipping address with Google maps before printing the shipping labels. If Google maps cannot confirm the address, we will email you to confirm the correct shipping address.

23. What will you charge us for shipping?

We will provide you with a shipping cost list for shipping within North America. For international shipping cost, please contact us.

24. What is your in-stock rating?

We usually order new inventory for a particular product when the inventory level is down to 20%.

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