One of the best ways to build a profitable online business, is to have your own website. Despite what some might think, creating your own online store is much easier than before.

There are many businesses offering web hosting and e-commerce solutions, as well as software designed to help you create and manage your site by yourselves. Creating your first website doesn’t require web designer any more.

Step 1: Choose a Good Domain Name

When choosing the domain name for your dropship website, you've have two choices:

1. You Can Choose Your Business or Brand Name
Creating a brand for your business can be very lucrative in the long term. It creates royalty, bringing more repetitive customers. However, promoting a new brand takes years and lots of advertising money. You may not even succeed after years of advertising.

2. Choose a Name That Is Relevant to the Drop Ship Products You Are Selling
Having an important keyword in your website domain name will get your website rank higher quickly and saves your more money on promoting brand awareness. Using the keyword of the product that you sell, will help customers remember your website name easier.

Why not Combine the Best of Both Worlds?
Example: or

Step 2: Creating Your Own Website Without a Web Designer

In the past you need to hire a web designer to build a beautiful online store. You also need to spend thousands of dollars on programming to integrate the shopping cart with your website so you can take the online orders.

But now, you get a an online store for less than $20 per month without hiring a web designer or even spend hundreds of hours doing the coding of the webpages. Within 24 hours you can setup your online store without technical knowledge and no more paying thousands of dollars to a graphic designer.

Once you have found the right dropship supplier and a profitable niche market, you should put the product immediately online for sale. Start making money today!

You Can Create Your Online Store In 1 Day Here

Step 3: Add Buy Now Buttons To Take Payment

Once have added the drop ship products with the price and description, you should create buy now buttons to take payments from your customers. You can start accepting payments using PayPal. Simply create a buy now button in Pay Pal for each product and add them in your website.

Later, when you drop ship business starts growing and making enough money, you can choose a merchant account. Having you own merchant accounts allows your website to accept credit card payment on your own website. The check process will be integrated with the layout of your own website.

In this way, your shopping cart looks more professional. Having your own merchant account shows that you are serious and reliable company to your customers. This will give your customer more trust to buy from you and increase sales immediately.

Find Profitable Products and Start Making Money Today

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