In your drop shipping business, a great advertising plan should be one of the first things that you develop. Creativity, business sense, and aggressiveness should all play a part in your advertising plan, but having a concrete plan to begin with can help you know how you want to proceed, as well as what your business's strengths and weaknesses are.

So how can you create a great advertising plan?

1. Create a Brand

Although you are probably familiar with the fact that the largest companies in the world have brands you might think that as a small web-based business creating a brand for yourself is neither necessary nor even attainable. You can create a brand for your business, however, without spending a lot of money or going to the extreme. Doing so can help establish value as well as help customers recognize you.

2. Understand Your Products

Many times, people jump into the drop shipping business without truly understanding the products that they are selling. Take the time to get to know your products, how they work, how they are used, and what people expect out of them.

3. Team Up with Relevant People

If you plan on linking with any partners, then make sure that they are relevant to your business. For instance, if you plan on being the "guest blogger" on a blog in order to promote your products, then ensure that the blog actually has something to do with the products that you are selling. On the other hand, you want to team up with other companies and people that are complementary to your business and not actual competition.

4. Make Your Timing Right

Don’t start advertising before you are ready. Directing people to a website that isn't functional yet or advertising products that aren't ready to be shipped or aren't in stock is a great way to lose customers. Likewise, don't advertise too late, either. Consider the rate at which advertisements are forgotten, as well as the speed at which consumers fail to remember the company if advertising is not present.

5. Consider Your Goals

When creating a great advertising plan, you want to think about what goals you wish to accomplish and achieve. Then, think about how you can reach those goals and how you will measure the results. Knowing how you will determine whether or not you have accomplished those goals will help you figure out if you are being successful in reaching them.

6. Know Your Competition

It's good to know what your competition is up to. Analyze their advertising strategies, techniques, and trends. Are they focused on strong guarantee polices, customer service policies, or simply having the cheapest prices? Is there an overall trend on price cutting? Although you don't have to copy them, knowing what is going on in the industry can be helpful.

When creating a great advertising plan, think about whether you are seeking quick results or long term results. If you are seeking quick results, for example, then you should keep your time limit in consideration. No matter what, however, flexibility is always the key.

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