Online affiliate marketing is not a new concept, but there are only a handful of people who actually manage to earn a profit with the help of affiliate programs. Although the procedure is time-tested, you need to know a few basic things so that you can earn money. Basically, affiliate marketing refers to a network of online partners who will bring business to your site. The website may or may not sell products. But with an addition of online affiliate programs, you will add value to the site. In other words, you will also open new avenues to generate revenue.

It's About Revenue Sharing

In the mid 90's the trend of affiliate marketing penetrated the Internet. Soon it turned out to be a profitable method of earning money online. According to research, affiliate marketing is the most inexpensive way of generating online sales. In fact even before affiliate marketing became popular, the concept of revenue sharing by payment of commission for referred business was known to many. It was probably in November 94, after the establishment of the World Wide Web, that the principles of revenue sharing were used in e-commerce also.

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Reality of Affiliate Marketing

If you want your visitors to know more about business opportunities, different services and products, and earning money from sales, then affiliate marketing is ideal. Those who run a home business can include the concept of online affiliate marketing, which promises good returns. Although the business proposition is extremely lucrative, there is one disadvantage of the whole system. Almost 80% of the affiliates never receive a check over the amount of $100. Only 15% get an occasional check. Only 5% of affiliates receive monthly checks.

Learn & Understand Affiliate Marketing

How do you learn the basics of affiliate marketing? You can read books, go through various online sources, and also learn from existing affiliates. You can check the Affiliate Marketers Handbook or the Super Affiliate Handbook, both of which are extremely useful for this trade. The internet can be a good source of information. If you are serious about making money through affiliate marketing, you need to start an affiliate campaign. You should know about things like keyword research, about t affiliate networks, and finding profitable partners. You can run a parallel business for some time, and then look at the details of affiliate marketing. This will help to avoid common mistakes and this training will help you later in your business.

You can actually get hold of a free web page which has a few successful affiliate programs. Only a handful of companies will give this opportunity to newbies. As a starter, you can learn the basics from this webpage. This is where you learn about the tricks of the trade and know about running an affiliate campaign. It is all about marketing. If you know the basics of marketing, it will be easier for you to run an affiliate marketing campaign.

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