Customer service should not be overlooked in the drop shipping business. In fact, it can be one of your most important assets when it comes to beating your competition. Not only does a good customer service policy help ease any fears that your potential customers might have about purchasing an item from you, but it can also make them feel more welcome to your drop ship business.

The following is a list of 5 reasons that great customer service can help you beat your competition.

1. It Promises Assurance and Efficiency

Customers can be leery of purchasing items online that they haven't been able to handle and examine. When you have a good customer service policy, however, and you include a guarantee in this, it can help alleviate some of these fears. In addition, having easy communication with your customers can allow them to ask questions about the products, find answers, and learn more information, which can also lead to more purchases.

2. It Offers Customers Better Communication.

Since customers won't be able to see you or talk to you, unless you provide a toll free telephone number for them to reach you at, you will have to go that extra mile to make them feel as though their needs are being met. A good customer service policy will include good communication. Perhaps you have a live chat feature on your site, or maybe it's just a quick e-mail response system. Either way, having strong communication with your customers will make them feel more at ease when it comes to making a purchase.

3. It Takes Out Some of the Risk

A strong guarantee will take out some of the risk as far as making a purchase goes. If a customer feels as though they can return defective products with ease, or return something that they are not satisfied with, then they will feel less risk in making their purchase.

4. It Will Make You Appear More Dependable

A lot of your competitors will probably over promise and then under deliver. Instead, providing detailed information about your products and ensuring satisfaction will go a lot further with your potential customers. Rather than focusing on hype, focus on quality and standing by your products and this will make customers feel more confident in you.

5. It Will Help You Understand Your Customers' Needs

Your competition might be focused on getting the customers the lowest price-and then stop at that. However, a lot of customers are looking for much more than just the best price. They want their questions answered, their concerns met, and value for their money-even if it means paying a little more. Understanding your products, as well as your customers, can help you see to their needs and your customers will appreciate this.

Never underestimate the importance of great customer service. A good, strong policy will not only help you make initial sales, but will also help you keep your customers returning again and again.

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>> 5 Ways Great Customer Service Can Help You Beat Your Competitors