By creating websites, a lot of people have attained their dreams of becoming entrepreneurs and full time business owners.

However, one of the biggest drawbacks of an online drop ship business, is that a website can be impersonal. Customers are not greeted by a smiling salesperson or someone who can see to their needs. In fact, the customer is pretty much left alone.

Having a "face" on your drop shipping website can help guarantee you success in your business. A "face" can be in the form of good customer service policies, an easy to use interface, an "about" section, and increased personalization and information regarding your products.

Here are 5 additional ways that having a "face" will improve your sales.

1. It Creates Good Customer Service

Since personal interaction is limited, you need to focus on your customer service policies. Having a great looking website that is easy to use, functional, and personal can make your customers feel more comfortable. Since they won't be able to shake your hand, or even see you, then they need to at least be able to feel like you understand their needs.

2. It Makes Them Feel as though They Are Purchasing Something Tangible

Sometimes, customers spend money on the internet and walk away with the feeling that they haven't really purchased anything. By providing lots of detailed text and information, as well as images, you can give your customers the feeling of purchasing items from a real brick and mortar store which might make them more inclined to make the purchase.

3. It Can Keep Them Coming Back

Your customers would not have visited your website if they weren't at least somewhat interested in the products that you are selling. However, that doesn't mean that they are necessarily going to make a purchase. Some of your most valuable customers will be the ones that keep coming back. Repeat business should never be taken for granted. It doesn't take much to offer personalization when it comes to your website and storefront. Offering saved searches, customized greetings, and such might not be the same as greeting the customer by name when they walk through the door, but it can help.

4. It Can Keep Them Interested

Even a drop shipping business can be personal. Having an "about" section that gives some background on your company and why you started it can make the customers feel at ease. They will feel as though they've gotten to know the "man behind the curtain" so to speak, and this can make them feel more relaxed than simply purchasing an item from a remote http.

5. Customers Will Be More Likely to Trust You

If a customer feels as though they can talk to someone on the website easily, or at least communicate with them in a simple manner, then they will be more likely to trust the site itself. Customers want assurance that their complaints will go addressed, that they will receive answers to their questions, and that they will get their orders on time.

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