Did you know that drop shipping is one of the easiest ways of starting a business? The best thing about this business is that the start-up cost is low and you will find that there are a lot of products which you can sell through the Internet.

But if you really want to be successful in this business, you need to promote your business well. After you have listed your product on our website you need to start getting more visitors to your website?

Create an Advertising Plan

Before you start the business, you need to have a detailed advertising plan. If you don't advertise your products or services, less people will know about your business. You can easily get products and drop ship them, but if you do not have a concrete plan, you cannot communicate well with your customers.

A good advertising plan is absolutely essential. In drop shipping, you can easily change the products that you are offering. Unlike a traditional business, where you need to keep track of stocked products and inventory, drop shipping will be a hassle-free affair.

A good example of advertising plan start with answering the following questions:

  1. What is your total advertising budget?
  2. What are the possible advertising media available?
  3. What is the ROI of each advertising media?
  4. After you have spent money on the advertising, remember to track the sales for each media
  5. When Should you eliminate the advertising with the worst performance?

Finding Good Customers

It does not really matter what you sell. The most important thing about drop shipping is that you need to find good customers. Think of your advertising plan which will attract customers. Once they know about your business, they will contact you. If you have a limited budget, you should spend the lion's share for advertisements. You can have a simple website with nice advertising.

The customers will get to know about your services and they will contact you. Now the question remains how will the customers know about your services?

Be visible on Search Engines with Search Engine Marketing

It is the search engines through which the customers will get to know about your business. Once your company name is in the search engine, there will be no shortage of customers. Google, being the most popular among the search engines, can help you in this matter. Unless the name of your company is in search engines, you cannot start your business. Check the Search Engine Results Page or SERP from time to time to find out whether the name of your company has appeared in the rankings or not.

This whole process may take a year to take off. This is known as the ageing process. The website has to age for sometime. This is known as the buffer time when the search engines will determine whether the site is spam or not. The first time you launch a website, Google will put your website into a sandbox. This is not really a sandbox. But this is a process when new websites are put inside the box by search engines, unless they are old enough to appear in the rankings. So if you are starting a business, you should always consider the buffer time. Now that you have started a drop shipping business, you should think of the visibility of the site in the search engines.

Promote Your Drop Ship Business with Pay Per Click Advertisement

The factor of visibility will be determined by pay per click advertising. With the help of pay per click advertising, you will know whether the information about your company has appeared in search engines or not. This will take approximately about 15 minutes. During the first year of business, you will have to rely on pay per click advertising. This is a great way to find customers.

Here are the most popular Pay Per Click Advertisement Methods:

  1. Google Pay Per Click - Bidding for keywords in Google
  2. Google Shopping - Pay for every click on the product you have listed in the Shopping Engine
  3. Bing Pay Per Click - Bidding for keyword in Bing
  4. Facebook Advertising - Pay for every click a facebook user clicks on your banners
  5. Compare Shopping Sites - List your product and pay for the clicks to your website

Don't Forget the Old Fashion Advertising Methods: Paper

The other source that will help you with the advertisement process are small consumer newspapers. This is probably the oldest and most traditional way of telling people about your business.

Here are some idea's how you can advertise in the traditional way

  1. Local News Paper
  2. Magazines of your target audience
  3. Flyers
  4. Brochures in local restaurents and communities

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