Searching for a reputable drop ship supplier online is certainly the best possible option for you. It saves you precious time and gives you the opportunity to compare companies. However, there're certain things to keep in mind while looking for a genuine drop ship company.

Why Some Drop Shipping Companies Charge You Subscription Fees?

First of all, most of the drop shippers are not wholesale drop shippers at all. Rather, they are the middleman who advertise themselves as the drop shippers. Naturally, they fall short of the standards of actual drop shippers. Of course, the middle man, known as MLM, cannot offer you products a wholesale price. Either they will charge an additional subscription/ membership fee or they will charge you more than the usual wholesale fees.

This is easy to understand. The true wholesalers make their profit from the wholesale price that they offer. The middleman has to buy the products from them and naturally, can’t offer you the product at the same price.

In fact, this is one of the ways through which you can easily identify the fake drop shippers. Also, if a company is really a wholesale drop ship company, it will allow retailers to sell the products before the merchant pays them. So, to sum things up, you have to remember that a true wholesale drop ship company will not charge you any access or subscription fees. Also, they will offer you the product at the wholesale price. On the other hand, the fake ones will charge additional fees and charge you more than the actual wholesale price.

How to Identify a True Drop Ship Supplier?

There are different ways to identify a true wholesale drop shipper. First of all, it should be a wholesale distributor that offers the additional service of drop shipping items anonymously on behalf of the retail merchant. Here, you have to remember that very few of the distributors are drop shippers; but if it is a drop shipper, it must be a wholesaler.

It is important to do a bit of research in this regard. Generally, real wholesale drop shippers have large inventory in stock and a huge infrastructure. When you are looking for the right company, you should ask a lot of questions before choosing a company. Also, there are scam review sites to ensure that you are not mislead when choosing a drop shipping supplier.

Best to Find Out If You Are Dealing with a Real Drop Ship Company

What's the best way to find if you have contacted a real drop ship company? Call them.

Yes, make a phone call. Don't just sit there and wait. Talk with your new drop ship supplier. Ask about shipping and refund policies. Only a true drop ship supplier will answer your phone call. You must have a reliable drop shipping company with good customer service. What happen if the shipping is delayed or the product is out of stock? A true drop ship company will answer your phone calls or emails quickly to solve any unexpected shipping or inventory issues.

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