Many people dream of working for themselves, and being their own boss. Even with the world's current economic problems, when people generally become more risk-averse, the idea of swopping the 9-5 grind for something that gives them more flexibility and enjoyment, as well as greater earning potential, still looks like an attractive option. So what's stopping them?

Well, for many it's the risk factor.  Giving up a steady job to start a new enterprise, with a family, mortgage and car loans to support, can be a big decision. Others are worried that they won't be able to make it work, and feel that they haven't got the skills or the investment it takes to be successful, without a big company behind them. For many, the dream is just that, a dream. What they need is a genuine business opportunity that's easy to learn, requires little or no investment, and doesn't mean they have to quit their day job.  This is why so many people start their own dropshipping business, and why it could be just the thing to turn your dream into a reality

What Is Drop Shipping?

Drop shipping is the name for the businesses of selling products to customers, without having to buy and hold the products in stock. You market a product, and when a customer buys it, you purchase the  item form your dropship supplier, giving them the customer's details so they can send the product out to them directly. The difference between what your customer paid you, and what you have to pay the drop ship company, is your profit.

Why Is Drop Shipping Such a Good Opportunity?

As most suppliers will offer you popular products at a price that's less than you can sell them for, plus you don't have to invest in any stock, starting a dropshipping business is an attractive opportunity for many people. You don't even have to package and ship your dropship products, it's all done for you. As long as you are able to find customers you can sell to, you should be able to make money.

What If You've Never Sold Before?

Probably the most challenging part of the whole process, is getting customers who are prepared to buy from you; but even that is getting easier to do. More and more people are buying products from the internet. As they try to find the things they want, at the lowest possible price, the internet makes it easier to search out these bargains, and then have them delivered right to their door. With all these “hungry” shoppers, you don't need an expensive store full of products, or years of sales experience, to get them to buy from you. If you are offering good products at a good price, and make it easy for these customers to find you, your items should virtually sell themselves.

Should You Become a Drop Shipper?

It depends. Starting a drop ship business is exactly that, a business. It's not a get rich scheme, and takes hard work and effort – but it can be very rewarding. Think about it; you don't need any previous experience, investment, or to leave your current job. You can start it in your spare time with just a computer, a little effort, and the right attitude. If you have those, dropshipping might be a way for you to finally achieve your dream of becoming your own boss.

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