One of the most powerful marketing strategies in the drop ship world is to establish yourself as an expert in your drop shipping business. This is particularly useful if your competitors have failed to do this themselves. When you are able to establish your drop ship expertise, not only will you be well informed about the products that you are selling, and therefore able to answer any questions that your customers might have, but you can also use it in your promotional efforts.

Here's how you can achieve this...

1. Learn Everything You Can About Your Products

Even though selling laptops might sound lucrative considering the high markups you can give them and the large profit that you can generate, if you don't understand how they work or the features that you come with you won't be able to answer any questions that your potential customers might have about them. By being knowledgeable, however, not only will you be able to answer questions, but it can also help you in creating your customer service policies.

2. Use Your Knowledge In Your Marketing Plan To Set Your Business Apart From Your Competition

Make sure that your customers know the difference in service and quality that they will get from you. This is especially helpful if your competition hasn't shown their expertise in the field and only focuses on their low prices.

3. Appeal To A Few

By trying to appeal to many, sometimes you dont appeal to anyone. Instead, establish yourself as an expert in a small field and then provide the right services for these situations. For example, instead of trying to sell hundreds of different drop shipping items at once, consider selling only a few and then focus on becoming an expert in those few items.

4. Provide Services

One of the best marketing tools out there is in the form of advice. Although most websites use a lot of hype when it comes to selling products, few offer any free benefits to their customers. A great marketing tool relies on providing your customers with information that is free and useful to them. If you are selling digital cameras, for instance, then consider writing articles or blog entries from time to time on photography tips, cleaning tips, or any other pertinent information that your customers might find useful. This will not only establish yourself as an expert in the field, which might persuade customers to purchase the camera itself from you, but these articles and blog entries will also show up in search engines.

5. Moonlight

Forming relationships with complementary businesses can help generate sales. Consider being a guest blogger on a website, writing articles for other businesses, and then linking them back to yourself. By doing this, you will be providing information as well as appealing to customers that might not have otherwise found you.

Establishing yourself as an expert in your drop ship business will not only help you, as a salesman, but the knowledge that you learn can also have positive impacts in your marketing as well.

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