If you want to beat your competition in the drop shipping business, then you have to find ways of making your own business stand out. Some drop ship business owners try to achieve this by lowering their already low prices. However, not only does that frequently not work, but it can also lower your profit margins until you're barely making a profit at all. Instead, try these 5 tips that will help you beat your competitors without eating into your profits.

1. Make It Appear As Though You Have Lower Prices

You can actually give the illusion of lower prices without lowering your prices at all. How can you do this? People read prices from left to right, not right to left. Have you ever wondered why things are priced at $9.95 or $9.99 instead of just at $10.00? That's because consumers read the "9" first. People tend to look at the whole dollar amount, and not the cents.

2. Use Strong Words

Customers like to think that they are getting the best of something. However, coming right out and saying that it's the best doesn't always work. Instead, try using "strong" words. Stating that something is "powerful", "fastest", "largest", or even the "smallest" can boost confidence in a product.

3. Offer A Special Or Promotion

This could be in the form of a temporary price drop, or it could be in another way. Some promotions include free shipping, adding a free gift to the order, or offering customers a coupon for their next visit. However, make sure that the promotion is related to the product that customers are ordering. In addition, you want to make sure that it doesn't cost you too much to include. You also want to ensure that the customers realize that there is a time limit on this promotion. Not only will this make them want to act faster, but it also helps you out financially.

4. Add Improvements To Your Drop Ship Business & Let People Know

Customers like to know that you are staying on top of things and that your products are current and relevant. If you have added any new improvements to your drop ship business or products, then be sure to promote these.

5. Offer A Strong Guarantee

Customers can be leery of purchasing items online so offering a strong guarantee can help take away some of that risk. Consider using phrases such as "Unconditional, Money-Back Guarantee", "Better-Than-Risk-Free," or "100 percent, no-hassle refund." Of course, you also need the guarantee itself to back up these claims, too, and that means providing good quality products to your customers to begin with.

Cutting back your prices indefinitely is one of the last steps that you should take if you want to beat your competition. Instead, using strong guarantees, letting your customers know that you are adding improvements, employing the use of strong descriptions, and utilizing incentives can all be more enticing ways of drawing in customers and making a profit at the same time.

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