Even if your drop shipping business is predominantly run through your website, you shouldnt ignore the advantages of offline advertising and promotion.

Some of your best customers might be people that aren't even aware that your website exists. You are probably aware of this fact. However, not everyone spends the bulk of their time on the Internet, even if they do occasionally make purchases there. Therefore, targeting these potential customers is just as important as targeting those that find your website through search engines and other forms of online advertising venues.

When promoting and advertising your online business, consider these offline advertising tips:

1. Promotional Items

Never underestimate the draw of promotional items. You don't have to carry anything large, but having something to give away that lists your website address and name is always helpful when it comes to bringing in new customers. Some things that you might want to consider are t-shirts, hats, pens, umbrellas, pencils, calendars, key chains, and coffee mugs.

2. Paper Products

You are running a legitimate business now, so having the paper to back this up can help. Don't forget to have stationary, business cards, fax sheets, and letterheads drawn up with your website address and business name on it. Every time you send one of these out, you are advertising your business whether you realize it or not. You never know where your next customer is going to come from.

3. Flyers

They might sound old fashioned, but flyers can still draw in business. Consider posting flyers in restaurants, in stores, and in other public places. Just make sure that you're not breaking any rules or laws in the process. Flyers can be particularly helpful, too, if you are having a sale.

4. Word of Mouth

Word of mouth is one of the best advertising venues out there. Don't be afraid to talk about your business with new people that you meet. Of course, you don't want to do it incessantly or else it might turn people off. However, finding ways to mention your business can be helpful in letting people know about your website. Having a business card available will complement this nicely. In addition, if you have a satisfied customer, ask them to recommend your products to their friends.

5. Post Cards

Post card marketing can be a fun way of advertising, too. You can also add special discounts to your post cards that will not only encourage people to visit your website, but to make a purchase there as well. Mailing lists can be expensive to purchase, as can postage, so you might want to consider carrying these post cards like you would business cards and hand them out to people as you go.

Every time you go somewhere, consider the people you meet to be potential customers. Although you don't want to be excessive in your advertising attempts, you should also never pass up the opportunity to talk about your business.

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