You absolutely can't afford to lose your satisfied customers. Why? Because satisfied and hard earned customers will not only come back for repeat business, but they will also recommend you to other people which could result in even more sales. In the drop shipping business, as well as with any business, repeat sales can account for a lot of your profits.

Here are 5 simple tips that you can start using now to make repeat sales for your drop ship business.

1. Keep In Touch With Your Customers

Offer an e-mail subscription service and keep customers updated on what you are doing. This can include information regarding any new products, updated products, or new drop ship services that you are providing. Dont assume that your customers are just going to keep coming back to check on how you are doing.

2. Provide Good Customer Service To Begin With

If your customers feel as though they have been treated well and received good value for their purchases, then they will want to come back the next time they want to purchase something similar. Ensure that their questions go answered, that their concerns are met, and that they leave feeling satisfied-the same way that you would had they walked into your storefront if it wasn't online.

3. Understand Your Products

Don't sell something in you drop shipping business just because you think you can make a good profit off of it. Or, if that is why you are selling it, then at least make sure that you understand how it works and what your customers expect out of it. Being knowledgeable about your products can help you set good guarantees for them, as well as make it possible for you to answer any questions regarding them.

4. Stay Competitive

Ensure that you are offering comparable prices and relevant products. This means staying current with the competition. If a new version of your product comes out, then you should offer it. This is especially true with electronics, which can change from year to year and almost faster than you can keep them stocked.

5. Be Unique

More than likely, there will be a ton of other drop ship websites out there selling the same thing as you-and probably at lower prices. What you can do to offset this is to be unique. Offer your customers strong guarantees, good customer service policies, and incentives to shopping with you. If your customers feel as though they are getting something from you that they can't get from other providers, then they will be more likely to return.

More than half of your customers will not repeat their business with you if they feel unrewarded. Therefore, placing a strong importance on keeping your existing customers is just as important as putting forth the effort to gaining new ones. It can cost up to 8 times more to acquire a new customer in comparison to keeping your current customers. Take this into consideration as you think about internet marketing, advertising, and promotional efforts and you will see why having repeat sales is important.

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